I hate cold AC:

There are certain things that bother me a lot in life. Some are quite understandable. Such as my allergy to chocolate. Who would not be bothered by that! I mean chocolate is one of the most delicious things on the planet, and of course, if I eat just one chocolate bar, I get swelling in my throat. I mean chocolate, something everybody enjoys, could literally kill me if I were to eat it. Could you imagine standing in the grocery line, and looking at a wall of sweet delicious death treats? As understandable as that is, people have a harder time accepting why I am so bothered by cold AC. I mean it is not like I always run the furnace, or I never turn my thermostat down. No that’s not it at all. However, I can’t stand when I go out somewhere and the AC is lower than 70 degrees. A good example is when I go out the movie theaters, and I need to bring my winter coat with me because of how they operate their temperature control. I could be bleeding from a gun wound, and the cold air conditioning of a hospital would give second thoughts about receiving treatment. My husband Jim drives me crazy too with how he likes to set the thermostat. We work around each others’ needs, but when he gets home from work he likes to relax in the cool air created by our air conditioner. As much as I hate cold AC, which yes I know I am an oddball, I love my husband Jim more. It helps though that he is okay with running the heater at times during the night when it isn’t even that cold outside.