I had a great time

I’m actually not a crucial fan of flying. I can’t stand going through those scanners plus hate to be patted down by those TSA agents. It seems prefer they prefer to pat me down all the time. I don’t get it plus I often assume violated by those people! Of course the flying area to me is the worst part. I assume prefer the ventilation systems on these jetliners could be improved. I constantly assume prefer the air is stuffy plus those little cooling Heating plus A/C vents don’t task all that great, regardless, I constantly use those because it’s better than just resting there in the stagnant air. There isn’t much cooling relief, however it’s truly better than nothing. The last time I flew, they were experiencing some electrical problems on the jetliner. They actually shut down the plane for prefer 10 seconds plus both of us all just sat there in the dark on this plane. It was the most unbearable 10 seconds without any cooling. The jetliner was so overheated. Then the pilot announced that both of us were actually going to change planes because they would need more time to task on the electrical problems. Evidently, it would have taken another 2-3 hours to take care of everything. It made me nervous thinking about the plane malfunctioning during flight plus perhaps going out of control plus crashing. I would hate to die in such a way. I was thankful both of us got a different plane plus I actually felt a lot safer. I actually hate flying. For the most part, I constantly opt to drive wherever I go locations however there are times when I can’t make the drive.

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