I enjoyed college

I own a beach house that’s no more than a fifteen minute walk from the coast. I purchased the house a few years back as a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. I go there mostly in the summers so that I can bask on the beach, read a book, maybe do some creative writing and art. But most of all, I go to my beach house to escape the terribly humid weather of my hometown. When I’m in the house, I have an amazing air conditioning unit that keeps me cool constantly. Not to brag, but it’s quite the meditative experience. That’s why I was so heartbroken when last summer I arrived to my beach house and the entire living room was flooded. There were puddles everywhere, but especially concentrated beneath the A/C unit. The water had started to flow over to my bookshelf, damaging some of my favorite books that were on the lowest shelf. The entire carpet was soaked. Not knowing what to do, I nearly had a panic attack. Thankfully, I remembered the number of the HVAC technician who installed the A/C unit a year or so back. She immediately came over and took a look at the air conditioning system. She let me know that the problem was that the air handler had a clog in the condensation line. It was a simple fix. She went down to the basement where the air handler was located and removed the dirt and mold causing the problem. She said I could have avoided this problem by having a tune-up each fall and spring, but was glad that I didn’t waited much longer. Since then, I’ve never missed an HVAC check up. I just don’t want to deal with the leakage again.

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