I don’t think HEPA air filters are worth the hype

You know, there’s all this chat about the almighty HEPA air filters going around these days, but I’m genuinely curious.

There’s so much talk about them & how wonderful they are, but well, I tried HEPA air filters for myself one day and I wasn’t impressed.

In my opinion you’re just paying for the name HEPA! The air filters are actually no better and no worse than the normal air filters on the market. You can buy the air filters like you normally would buy at the store & end up with the same exact air quality as these almighty HEPA air filters! I believe the hype is a single sizable rip off to tell you the truth! Also, people’s minds tend to play tricks on them. If they’re programmed by the media to believe something is amazing or worse, in their minds they’ll automatically think that it is. After trying these HEPA air filters first hand, I can honestly tell you that this is the exact case for me. I’m not someone to buy into trends just because people are joining them. I’m also not someone to believe something is the best just because everyone else says it is. I have to try something in order to base it on my own opinion and this is my personal discovery on HEPA air filters. While HEPA air filters are fine, there are cheaper air filters on the market that work just as fine. After this pack of HEPA air filters I purchased are gone, I’ll be going back to my usual!

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