I do have a question

In early December, my gas furnace completely quit.  It had given some warning signs that I ignored. The operational sounds gradually increased until I could barely hear the television over the screech of the heating system.  It blew such a tremendous amount of dust into the air that I needed to vacuum every day. At the same time, the supply of hot air decreased to the point that I needed to bundle up in sweaters and long winter underwear.  I should have called for furnace repair and prevented the total failure of the unit, but I simply couldn’t afford the professional service. I hoped the heating system would make it until spring. I figured I could save up enough for a down payment on a new furnace before next winter. When I finally hired an HVAC contractor to check over the heating unit, he informed that it couldn’t be fixed.  Since there was no way I could survive without heat when the outside temperature is down to thirty-eight degrees, I moved in with my brother. I was only supposed to stay with my brother long enough to take out a loan and pick out a new furnace. However, my brother’s whole house is equipped with radiant heated floors. His floors are the most fantastic heating system I’ve ever experienced. No matter how freezing cold it is outside, his house is always the perfect temperature.  There’s no cold spots or drafts, and I can go barefoot and wear a T-shirt. His heating bills are lower than mine have ever been because his radiant system is so energy efficient. There’s no way I can afford hydronic heated floors. I’ll be purchasing a very cheap gas furnace. I’m not eager to start paying off a loan, while paying huge energy bills, and bunding up in sweaters again.

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