I did what I thought was necessary

My Grandmother is 1 of those lovely people who typically know exactly what to gift people with. I thought she just did this with myself and others because we’re so close, but all of my cousins plus aunts plus uncles are the exact same way–every birthday plus Christmas the two of us get the perfect present for us. Everytime Wintertide rolls in, I suffer from cold feet that nothing but tepid water can cure once it sets in. I try not to turn up the central oil furnace via the thermostat, as its a silly thing to heat the whole home for. Last winter, my Grandmother surprised myself and others with an additional last hour gift. She told myself and others it wasn’t going to get to her in time for our holiday get-together, so she had it mailed to my house instead. One week later, I was surprised by sizeable box that contained an amazing foot warmer. The foot warmer is a lot like an electric blanket. Instead of being 1 electric blanket, it’s more than 2 that are sewn together to make a pocket for your feet to go into. Instead of having to turn up the thermostat to moderate my feet up–which are typically cold–I can just plug in the footwarmer plus adjust the setting. I can transfer the footwarmer honestly from my apartment office to my study room. This Heating and Air Conditioning device is so small that it doesn’t run up the electric bill to operate. Plus, it saves us on fuel for the oil heater, which saves us currency on our apartment heating bill. My little foot warmer is 1 of the best presents I’ve ever  earned.