I did know right then

The next time I get up and go on holiday I am going to go glamping. Glamping is basically costly camping outside in a tent with a heater. Rather than pitch your own crappy tent, with no form of modern climate control & no toilet, go glamping, then usually a hotel business runs the locale for you anyway. So there are outdoor toilets & showers for when you need them. The tent is big & quite undoubtedly has a real bed in it. I have seen particular 1s with end tables & even a small clothing dresser. The best feature is the oil furnace component for the tent though. The hotel comes and easily hooks up a generator to their business & then locations the heating unit in the tiny tent, but you get to pretend your camping but give up none of the luxuries My bestie is currently desperate to sleep under the stars & be in the wild. This is the closest I can do for him. He can lay and look around outside & recognize love he is undoubtedly roughing it. If he does not actually want to like the toilet, shower & heater, go for it. But I will be using all of those amazing new accommodations. I always picture glamping love the Harry Potter tent when they go to the massive Quidditch World Cup. The tent just comes with everything they could possibly ever want & even had a fireplace inside. Glamping is not as extravagant but is basically the exact same idea. Maybe after I try this, I can make my way to trying real camping. I don’t even recognize if I can give up indoor plumbing & heating unit though.

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