I did all that I could

When our gas heating device was having some problems, I decided to ask my friend Oliver to evaluate the problem. Oliver has has been laboring in the Heating, Ventilation & cooling industry for a long time. Oliver plus I go way back. After elementary school, every one of us made the decision to go to the same local school. Oliver became a certified in the Heating, Ventilation & cooling system technician. My friend also works for a really great business. So anytime I need Heating & A/C repair finished, he is the dude to call… Unfortunately, Oliver has been real busy at work. My buddy has not had much time to come to the loft plus look at our gas heater. Oliver was going to come over last month, despite the fact that he could not due to being really ill. Then Oliver was going to come by on Sunday evening, but then he could not do to a lot of HVAC emergency service appointments in the area. I know these are not our friend’s fault, but the lack of heating situation is getting to be horrible. My wife wants to call up a city Heating, Ventilation & cooling system dealer. She wants to call them the next day, & hopefully they will be able to fit us in for an appointment that hour. I don’t really want to call Oliver & tell him every one of us are hiring his competition to do a furnace repair. It seems really awful to do this to a good friend. But, how long am I supposed to sit back on a heating repair? My wife & I can only go without a heater for so long.

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