I created the perfect environment

Having a career as an HVAC service tech really makes me think sometimes when I am on the job and talking with young homeowners. I deal with some of the most state of the art and up to date heating and cooling units, and it is still so crazy to think about how fast the technology advances have really been. For example way back when I was a kid, the heating and cooling unit that we had installed in my childhood home was so old and clunky that it just looked like a big heap of metal. My dad used to always have to call over to the HVAC service store and have them come over to fix up the unit because it had so many problems. It didn’t matter if it was in the spring or winter season, it was always breaking down on us. Now flash forward to all of these brand new units and they are so well built and well designed that I hardly ever have to check up on the customer after the sale is final. More often than not, the only time I hear from them after that is when they are buying another one as a christmas gift for somebody! It has really made me stop and think just how much longer I am even going to have a job if the advances in heating and cooling units continues to rise! Perhaps I should start looking for another job, but in the meantime I sure am happy that I get to work in this industry.

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