I converted my garage into a home gym complete with heating and cooling

There were so many unfortunate changes that had to be made in my life last year to avoid catching COVID.

I hate wearing masks as much as anyone else, but I have a heart condition and can’t afford to get sick.

And until earlier this year, we didn’t have a vaccine available to the general public. This led me to wear two masks whenever I left the house, especially since my disabled mother lives in the same house. We quit going to restaurants and I cooked all of our meals at home instead. During the lockdown, we played cards, watched movies, and had a good time talking. It’s nice to have these memories that will follow me till the end of my life. However, one thing that I hated about COVID was having to avoid the gym. I workout and do cardio several times a week, so I had to figure out a solution as quickly as possible. At first I figured I could simply use the garage to make a small home gym, but it’s really hot out there. That’s when I remembered about ductless mini splits and the one my friend has in his garage. He converted his garage into a pottery studio for his wife and he was posed with a similar dilemma as me. He spoke with his heating and cooling company and they suggested he purchase a ductless mini split for the garage. There is a sleek inside unit that is small and goes on a wall near the ceiling. Then there’s a small condenser outside attached to an exterior all or bolted to the ground like a standard air conditioner condenser.



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