I can’t keep this under control

I love family! Family is awesome to be around and the more family the better. I remember a particular time my family visited for the holidays. I had roughly 20 people staying in my home during the winter. As each member arrived I pointed each person to the room they were to stay. When my younger brother arrived I put him and his family of four in the backroom. It wasn’t long before my nephew came out and informed me that the room was too cold. I followed him to the room and realized that particular room was cold and the rest of the house was warm. I checked the thermostat and it had stopped working. I checked the batteries but knew that was not the issues as I had just changed them right before the family arrived. I love having my programmable thermostats to adjust temperatures for each individual room to the comfort of those in the room. I called the Air Conditioner and Heater technician and explained the situation when they sent someone out to inspect the situation. The HVAC tech checked things out and suggested a solution of changing out the thermostat for a new one. I was excited to see the new programmable A/C thermostat in the room and knew that soon my entire house would be replaced with a new thermostat for each room. The rest of the family’s visit went off without a hitch and we made memories that would last a lifetime. The remainder of the visit ended up being a lot of fun. Thanks to our HVAC technician for taking care of our issue regarding the Air Conditioner and Heater thermostat.

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