I am very nervous

Life is funny, as well as by “funny” I really mean “unpredictable as well as out of control.” The expression says that sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, so I find myself laughing a whole lot to keep the sadness at bay. Just more than five weeks ago I had a sweet more than one story home in the suburbs, with a swimming pool in the backyard as well as a propane grill on the porch. Now I live in a tent, on the banks of a river, about half a mile up river from the neighborhood dump, but you just never suppose what sort of curve balls life will pitch to you. In our suburban house, I had an amazing weather conditions control plan that responded to a flick of the wrist. The control equipment could be pre-programmed, so that the heating as well as cooling would constantly come on at particular times. In our bathroom as well as bedroom I had radiant heated flooring, to keep our tootsies nice as well as sizzling on cold days. If for some reason the Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan went out, I had a sunken fireplace in our home office, as well as enough wood split for 3 winters! These days the only cooling I get is when there is a cold snap, which can be lethal when you live outdoors. Thankfully cooling is not something I need to worry about really often, so I can keep our focus on things like food as well as water. At least I have a firm grasp on the skills it takes to light a fire, because without an open flame on the riverbanks I would have no source of heating on cold nights.

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