I am keeping things comfortable

My husband Darryl and I truly enjoy the summer months. We are into all the kinds of fun things to do that summer provides. We spend the day during the summer going to beaches, lakes, or even pools. There’s nothing like heading to the ocean to get a nice tan and then cooling off in water. We really don’t mind when it’s hot and humid out. We grew up in the South, so we are very accustomed to such conditions. For most of the year, when we go out, we’re wearing sandals, shorts, shirts, and sunglasses. One thing we agree about is that we don’t want any part of living up north where it gets so cold for so long. Hiding from the sun because it’s so ridiculously cold outside is not our idea of a good time. You can bet that we would have to blast our furnace most of the year as well. We don’t get all that much use out of air conditioning, even during the summer, and that’s often because we’re outdoors having fun. However, if we lived further North, we would hunker down and blast the heat as often as we could. Typically, we  tend to do this a bit during the colder months around here even, so of course we would probably be running our furnace a lot if we were much farther up north. We would also be terrified of something going wrong with our precious furnace. If we wouldn’t freeze to death when our furnace went out, at the least, we would be extremely uncomfortable. I know I can’t imagine having to survive sub-zero temperatures without any form of climate control whatsoever. We only get the most basic maintenance for our air conditioning system throughout the year because we don’t even use it all that often. That being said, in the winter months up north, we would have already had all the necessary maintenance done on our furnace to keep it working well long before the cold arrived. Otherwise, I would be extremely worried every time I notice anything off about the furnace.

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