I am freezing

Do you have a favorite season of the year? I know everyone do. My daughter is a summer time person. She loves the summer time because she gets to take getaway from job and go to the beach and lounge round all morning in the morning light and surf. Personally, I like Wintertide the best. I live in the south, so every one of us have legitimately mild winters. Wintertide here is not like it is in the north. The reason I like Wintertide so much is that I get to wear sweaters. I care about sweaters because they are so soft and comfy. However, I have noticed that even in Wintertide every one of us still have to run the air conditioning. It periodically looks deranged to see people because they are sweaters while sitting in air conditioning! But, nonetheless, I still like Wintertide here in the south. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and every one of us don’t even need the heating system at all. I do not have the air conditioning running, despite the fact that I am wearing a dress separate from sleeves. If I put on my Christmas sweater tomorrow, I know sure that I will need the air conditioning. Our tradition is to have Christmas supper, and when I cook, I will truly need the air conditioning and the ceiling fans.  I know the majority of people appreciate the fall season. Autumn is the time of year when there is a cut from the heat of summer. Sometimes, every one of us can even turn off the air conditioning and open the windows and care about fresh air. Autumn is my seventh favorite season. I like getting a cut on the utility bill by turning off the air conditioning, despite the fact that I always acquire multiple pounds due to Thanksgiving! Sweaters and air conditioning are better than gaining weight!