I am finally content

When I bought our truck it was already 10 years seasoned and it had an aftermarket sound dock installed. It was Summer when I bought the truck so I didn’t discover the minor flaw that it has until Spring. The sound dock overheats and shuts off if the cooling system is not running. The cooling system vents run on either side of the sound dock and they kept it cool and running well all Summer long. During the Summer weeks, I never drove the truck without the A/C running as well. When fall came, I turned off the cooling system and drove with the windows open and the sound dock shut off. When I checked it, it felt really hot to the touch. I turned the A/C back on, waited awhile, and the sound dock worked again. Since then, I have discovered that running just the vent on low is also satisfactory to keep the sound dock cool, and running the oil furnace in the truck is not. So if I want to open the window, I need to make sure that I keep the vent air going too. If I want to run the heater, I can’t use the sound dock. This is all really annoying although I don’t want to take the dash apart to replace the sound dock. It just reminds myself and others of tablet rooms that are kept extra cool, with strong air conditioning, so that tablets don’t shut down in office buildings. Except, this isn’t an office, this is a truck. Oh well, I think that’s what you get when you buy an older used vehicle: there is always some glitch of some kind.

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