I actually didn’t steal anything!

My parents constantly took us to see the Christmas lights. A lot of folks in our neighborhood put up hundreds of twinkling lights. My parents constantly lined the roof with icicle lights. I enjoyed riding around in the truck, with the windows down and the Christmas music on. I remember 1 year in particular, because our parents did not want to go. The heating system in the car wasn’t entirely working, and our parents were worried it was too cold. There was a foot of snow on the ground, and the temperatures outside were in the single-digit range. All of us wanted to go look at the lights, and every one of us did not care if the heating system was entirely working or not. All of us persisted until Mom and Dad finally caved in and took us out in the cold. My parents bundled us up in a heavy pair of pajamas. They offered us extra blankets and a important hot cup of cocoa. Even though the heating system did not work, every one of us drove around and looked at Christmas lights. It was chilly outside and the heating system did not work, however every one of us were still excited as can be. My parents took us to see lights every year, however this is the 1 memory that entirely sticks out in our mind. I do not think if it’s because the heating system wasn’t entirely working, or because our parents tried so strenuous to make us happy. Either way, it was the Winter time holidays and our siblings and I were just excited to share that time with Mom and Dad. I still carry that same tradition with our own kids. All of us drive around and look at lights each season.

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