Hydronic Heating And More

Not sure if anyone out there has tried hydronic heating. I have not personally, but I know someone who has a flat panel hydronic heater, and they say that the hydronic heating is really nice for a single room. Kind of like a space heater, but a lot more powerful. This has me very interested to find more information on hydronic heating. There are so many different kinds of heating these days it blows my mind! Even with air conditioning! There are as well so many different kinds of air conditioning methods these days. The whole HVAC industry is getting better and better with each passing year. A lot of money saving, as well as energy saving options for both heating and cooling are now available to the general public. A lot of these types of heating and cooling were only previously available for the big commercial buildings, department stores, etc. Hydronic heating on the other hand is something that I do not believe has been very common in commercial buildings. At least as far as I know. I never heard the term hydronic heating until my friend told me about his flat panel hydronic heater that he bought, and how wonderful it was. At the moment, I have a few space heaters to save energy in the Winter months, and I have a smart thermostat, which helps me save on my energy bills in the Summer time months of the year, while running the air conditioning system. First thing’s first though, I am going to look into this hydronic heating! It sounds very interesting to say the least!


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