HVAC in the car on road trips

Have you ever been on a really long uncomfortable road trip before? If so I’m really sorry.

  • I know that they can either be really great or really terrible, depending on the circumstances.

I personally have been on both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes the road trips that I embark on are the most fun times of my life. Other times the road trips have been the most miserable experiences I’ve ever endured. It’s sort of luck of the draw. Actually, I have to say it’s the luck of the car choice. For me nothing makes a better trip than having a comfortable ride while you’re flying down the open road. I don’t need much really, just the basics. A working radio station, or a Bluetooth connection so we can stream podcasts, helps a whole lot. Another thing that I can’t stand is having a broken HVAC in the car. If you somehow get stuck with an on-board thermostat or heating and cooling system that operates below traditional standards, you’re in for a long trip. Most recently, this happened to me when I set out in a friend’s minivan. About 10 minutes into the trip, I realized that the air was feeling pretty stagnant in the warm. I asked her what was going on, and she recommended that we roll down the windows for a while. I thought that was a strange request, considering it was 95 degrees outside, but I went ahead and let some fresh air into the vehicle. Of course this mostly made it harder. Another half an hour in, I politely asked if there was a chance that we could start up that AC. That’s when she turned her head slowly in my direction and said the words I never wanted to hear, there is no AC.



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