How I found the right air filter

When I was looking to buy a brand new air filter I felt that I was overwhelmed with choices.

There were so many different air filters available.

How would I ever go and pick one? I’ve been looking at all the different ones available at my local heating and AC businesses and I noticed that there was one that stuck out to me. This was a HEPA filter. A heating and AC worker who had seen me looking at all of the different air filters that were available for sale told me that the one I was looking at was a good one. I asked him what he meant and he said that he had HEPA filters in his home and that their one of the best investments he ever made. This made me curious about what he meant and I asked for more information about these wonderful HEPA filters. What was it that made them so great? How long do they last? How do I know that they are the right choice for my home? I have so many great questions and the best part was that this heating and AC technician stood by quietly and answered all of them without a second thought. He was really nice and really helped me make the right decision for my home. I’m really glad that I stopped at the local heat and AC store that day. I walked out with a HEPA filter and I’ve had nothing but good results from it ever since. Nothing like good indoor air quality.

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