How fantastic!

My kids were constantly getting into it with each other for months after we bought this house. I thought giving them their own rooms would put an end to a lot of the squabbling. While this did help, it still caused the issue of who got to have the upper floor heated to what temperature. While my husband and I are pretty content to just put on a sweater or grab a blanket it we get a little chilly, the kids always want to turn up the heating. They complain that they’re still so small that they get a lot colder than my hubby and I do, which is probably not wrong by any means. However, not all of the kids like it quite so hot. The result is three children who constantly complain about the temperature of their bedrooms. I don’t know why I thought having just one thermostat for each floor would be enough for this house when I moved in, but in the end my husband and I decided the only way to but an end to the fighting was to just add more HVAC zone control. So instead of having one per floor, we have one for the downstairs floor, and then one for each of the four bedrooms upstairs. The rule is that each child gets to program their thermostat with mom and dad once, and after that they can’t touch it. This way they aren’t just cranking the heat and over taxing the furnace. Now the kids rooms are set to their own climate control preferences, and the fighting is finally at its end.

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