Horrible night ever

When my sister got the call in the middle of the night last week, it changed her life forever! Her kid had been in a horrible accident and had been taken to the local emergency room.

She called me up to see if I would go with him as she felt it was unsafe for him to drive in her new state.

I rushed over to option him up and my associate and I headed to the hospital; Road conditions were horrible as my associate and I were in the middle of a big snowstorm but my associate and I made it to the hospital rather hastily! She ran to check on my niece while I spoke with the officer waiting for us. Apparently, my niece’s car had slid off the road and down an embankment. The officer said that if it hadn’t been for another automobile seeing the accident, she may not have been found until day; This was a spine-chilling thought as she would have frozen to death separate from heat in the car, however i thanked the officer and then waited for my sister to return with news. The waiting area was practically empty so I settled in and watched the news on TV. I noticed hastily that the area was absolutely warm and wondered if that was normal for a hospital. It had always been my thought that they kept these areas rather cool to avoid the spread of germs. When I inquired about the temperature the nurse said that they were trying to compensate for the cold uneven temperatures and make people feel better while waiting. I was cheerful when my sister finally came out to say that my niece was banged up but would be fine. I was also cheerful when she said she was going to stay but that I could head home because I didn’t want to hang out in that warm waiting room anymore.

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