Heated floors in the country home

When the wife and I purchased a beautiful lake house out in the country, every one of us was completely gratified with our new home! The thing that bothered me though was that there was no actual Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. All there was to warm us was a wood burning stove as well as a fireplace. Rough! When I was talking to her about getting a gas furnace, my wife said that was what the fireplace was for! Yeesh. I couldn’t wrap my head around that, so I asked her who was going to be cutting all the wood, because I had a terrible back from an injury I had on the job years back. She said if I couldn’t handle it, then she would! Yeah, sure. Well, that first Winter was difficult for us and frankly, we barely made it through. My back felt so much worse than before, and she was having a difficult time as well. She gave in, and let me know that we could switch to whatever heating system I wanted – I won, for once! I still enjoyed the fireplace and all, but didn’t want to have to rely on it for the majority of our heating needs. We didn’t move out here to go wild! When I was talking to a Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional about our options, they suggested radiant heated floors. Pipes would be installed underneath the floorboards, and hooked up to a boiler. The heat would slowly radiate upwards towards the ceiling due to pipes carrying the boiler water, and would evenly heat the entire home! No cold spots – that sounded wonderful to me. Our feet would be warmed up and the air quality wouldn’t suffer, as there would be no ductwork with air blowing or smoke from the fireplace! I thought it all sounded ideal to me, so I pushed for a date to install. It took about a month to have everything put in place, but once it was finished, oh boy! Never have I experienced such a perfect heating system in my life. I am never chilly anymore, even on the coldest winter night!

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