Hearing unique noises behind the walls while vacuuming

I recently was going to have a bunch of my friends over for a celebration.

I was setting up the condo plus getting everything ready.

I was cleaning like absurd when I heard a odd noise. I thought it was me with moving furniture around so I did not suppose anything of it. I kept hearing it though. I heard it even when I was not moving furniture. I thought it could not be me. I turned the vacuum off to hear the noise. I tried to follow it plus I ended up listening against the wall. I knew the sound had sounded like that of a collapsed air duct behind the wall. I waited until my Heating plus A/C system kicked on again. I also noticed that the nearby air vent had be releasing much less air than it had been before. I knew that some of the air was getting lost plus not getting into my house. This was when I realized that I needed to call my Heating plus A/C professional instantly. I did not want this issue to progress any further than it had been already. It was causing the system to make unpleasantly loud noises plus I was not fond of it at all. The Heating plus A/C professional told me it would take some time to replace it since they would have to take part of the wall out. I did not want them to do this but I felt that I had no other option just then. It was a bit of a messy process but it had all finally been done plus it was finally over with as well.

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