He works for an a/c company

I’m dating a girl named Stacy who works at this local heating and A/C device company… I love her a lot. I mean, I really, really, love her. I’m beginning to believe that she might be the one. It’s funny, because when Stacy and I first met, it was at this trade show at a fantastic giant convention center. It was a convention for heating and A/C device professionals. Since I work at a Heating, Ventilation and A/C device company, I flew out for the convention. I was minding my own business, just walking around and checking out all of the booths. There were booths for new, state of the art oil furnace devices, new kinds of air conditioning units, ductless mini split systems, air purification systems – just anything that has to do with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C industry. Well, I happened to run across this booth that was showcasing hydronic heating and radiant heating. When I say I ran across it, I mean I literally ran into it and hit my head against one of the support poles holding up the awning and the sign for hydronic heating. And wouldn’t you know it? This super cute girl was running the booth and she saw the entire thing. She was super cute and she was really uneasy about my head so she made me kneel down in the hydronic heating booth while she ran to get me a glass of water and an ice pack for the bump on my head. You guessed it, this radiant heating girl turned out to be Stacy. And now the rest is history. She enjoys to tell people that I literally fell in love with her.

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