Had to leave due to finding mildew in the wall

On a warm Summer afternoon, our window unit ac stopped working in our entryway.

My house does not have central cooling, so this window unit A/C is our main source of cooling down our house.

It was a truly hot day so I went to turn the cooling unit on while I cleaned the house. The fan would switch on in addition to I could hear the blades trying to work, however there was no cool air leaking out from the cooling unit. I instantly called our building manager to send someone out to take a peek at the cooling unit. When I told building owner what was going on, she knew that the entire unit would really need to be swapped out. The ac unit could have been repaired although she informed myself and others that it would be more cost efficient to replace the entire AC unit. This would require an expert to come out in addition to unhook the old cooling unit from the wall in the entryway. This had not been done in a few years, in addition to there was no way to tell what condition the inside of the wall would be once she disconnected the old cooling unit. To our dismay, there was mildew growing inside the wall once the ac unit was unhooked! My building owner was required to get me a room for the night until the mildew was eliminated from the wall. If a house that you are renting has mildew, it is considered inhabitable, in addition to it is the building owners responsibility to take care of this as soon as possible.