Going Without HVAC is a Wake Up Call

It’s funny how we just roll along with our schedules, family life and various interests.

It’s nice to have a life which allows for fulfillment with a bunch of fun mixed in.

I think this is actually what I have been striving for my entire adult life. Yet, life wouldn’t be real without bumps in the road. I spent a ton of my life waiting and watching for those bumps in the road instead of enjoying the moment. That’s probably stupid because those reality checks always occur. We just had one in fact. Our HVAC system quit in the middle of the night about a month ago. We live in an area where the summer heat can be simply brutal. Just getting through that night was an eye opener. I found out real quick that air conditioning had been completely taken for granted in this house. There was only one fan in the house! I was so ready for some cool air when the HVAC tech came to service our heating and cooling unit. So, I was horrified when the HVAC tech told me the HVAC system was not worth fixing. I couldn’t believe it. However, maybe I should have given the thing was nearly 2 decades old. My feelings were even more damaged as I found out it would be 2 weeks before the replacement could be installed. Talk about a reality check! However, we rallied. Then number of fans increased six fold overnight. But, we got through that 2 weeks. When we got our new HVAC unit, all of us just sat in front the vent and took it all in. I don’t think any of us will take HVAC for granted again.

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