Geothermal heat pumps

I have really gotten into being green. I have turned vegan. I only eat fruits and veggies. No sugar or carbs either. I have never felt so good. I recycle and I ride my bike to work now as well. The newest environmental savor I am going to do is update my HVAC. My central HVAC burns and churns. It releases dirty air into my indoor air quality. I am planning to rip out the central HVAC and remove all the ductwork. Then, I will buy a geothermal heat pump system. This is a two in one heating and cooling unit. The heat pump works way more efficiently and cleaner than a typical HVAC component. It does not create AC or heat. The heat pump works by moving the existing heat energy. The indoor unit and outdoor unit with the heat pump almost talk to each other. The outdoor unit is buried under the lawn though. That is why it is geothermal. In the winter, it is better to try for heat energy under the lawn. It is naturally warmer under there and not in the outdoor air. In the summer, it is smart to have the cold underground air. The geothermal heat pump makes sure it is the freshest and cleanest air as well. It will be an expensive update. But, I will use way less power and energy to run the HVAC component. The air quality will be clean and I am helping the planet at the same time. How wonderful is that? I will have the best of everything.