Dressing for the a/c

When you get into university, I’m telling you now it is going to be nothing like the motion pictures you’ve seen growing up! The dorms are not as nice as you might think, the frats are not that wild, plus the instructors are not consistently so mean. In fact, half the time the instructors will sympathize with you because the lot of you will often be in the same issues together. At our university, we have a sprawling array of buildings from all different periods of time. The core buildings are the original set from when the university was first a teaching university in the 1710s. These buildings are consistently incredibly overheated in the winter months due to the aged industrial boilers they all have in their basements for heating. However, in the Summer months they are also so sizzling because these buildings don’t have central a/c. Instead they have these tiny window A/C devices which may or may not toil depending on the day of the month plus the time of the day. Then you have the arts plus sciences complex that is actually several buildings connected by a single hallway. The arts half tends to be warmer in the afternoon due to the sun being right on it, but cooler in the afternoon when the sun actually shifts… Yet the arts plus sciences building is often incredibly freezing, because it has both central heating plus cooling since it was built in the 90s. Then you’ll often want to be wearing an overcoat even in the Summer months to keep warm. So you see, the necessity in university is just to dress in layers. If you’re consistently comfy, you’ll definitely be focused on your studies.

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