Custom wood toy box and book crates

I found a custom furniture builder online when I used the guy to make me a dining room table… My custom wood dining room table is amazing, then the quality and durability just can’t be beat, then it practically glows in the sunshine, anytime the table needs to be moved, everyone comments on how heavy and robust it is.

I have since contacted the man for a cable stand, end table, and a bedframe.

My newest project is that I think I am going to ask for an all wood toy chest for my son’s room. I think he needs a chest for his many Hot Wheels, Legos, wind up cars, stacking cups, and stuffed pets. I also want wood crates that I can store all of his books in. I don’t want anything that is cheap plastic or particle board. I want something that is heavy duty and built to last. The wood crates will come into play for years to come. The toy chest I know will be a short lived endeavor. I do know that the next baby will inherit it though. Any custom made product is going to be amazing and have numerous uses though. A chest made out of heart pine is going to be a focal piece in the house. I also know that these pieces are things I can pass down for years to come. Maybe someday my baby boy will want to keep the chest for his children. The material and type is just that good. I know to do custom building whenever possible. I spend more to keep it forever.


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