Custom table for a small kitchen

I was on the hunt for the perfect kitchen table for a long time.

With my husband when you buy something, you can never throw it out.

I was very concerned about buying a table and then regretting it. So I hunted around online for years and never found anything I liked. For years the two of us ate our dinner using our living room ottoman. I measured my space and realized I wanted a kitchen table that was only a four foot square. I also wanted it to be of wood that matched my wood ceiling. That shouldn’t be hard to find right? Wrong. Apparently if you want a small wooden table, it is going to be made of particle board. You needed a giant banquet table if you wanted something made nice. I ended up looking at a place that does custom furniture. I felt it was a bit snobbish of me. I also thought I would end up spending so much more money. In the end, the custom table was cheaper than what I was looking at online. The guy made it out of a recovered heart pine and it matched my ceiling perfectly. People actually believe it is the same wood. The table fits my space perfectly and is a statement piece. Everyone always remarks on my table. It was pricey but totally worth it. It cleans up like a dream and fits the theme of my house perfectly. My only complaint is that it made the rest of my furniture look like garbage.



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