Cleaning is a must

They say that the key to having fantastic indoor air pollen levels is to keep your house clean! Well, while that is tploy that is not the only thing that is needed.

  • There are other things that many people do not guess about.

One of which is having the HVAC duct of your central heating & cleaned at least once per year! A truly good HVAC duct cleaning is something that plays a immense area in your indoor air pollen levels. I did not assume this myself until I was told by an air quality expert that I had come to my house to test my indoor air pollen levels a few months ago. It had turned out that I had some truly awful indoor air pollen levels which confused me. Since I always keep my house clean & even have a professional maid repair come once a month to clean my house. This was when they told me about central heating & s & their HVAC duct being the key reason for my awful air quality. When I found this out I instantaneously called the local heating & air conditioning contractor to schedule a good hard HVAC duct cleaning for my HVAC ducts & everything related. I even had them clean the outer portion of the air vents as well! Once this was all said & done, I called the air quality experts back to test my air quality once again. It was all good! So a simple HVAC duct cleaning of my central heating & was all that was needed!

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