Being scared by the movie and the collapsed air ducts behind the wall

We just had our usual Friday night.

My husband and I rented a movie to watch.

It was a scary one this time because he got to pick the movie. I wasn’t happy about it but I told him I would watch it. It was quite the scary movie and it had me on the edge of the couch. One time during the movie I had got up and screamed s whole lot. This was not because of the movie either. I heard something loud bang against each other inside the wall. It terrified me and I jumped up so much. It was a whole foot I think I shot up in the air. The noise was so very loud. I asked my husband what he thought that was. I did not think that it was any type of animal. It kept happening all of sudden too. I was really worried what was happening. My husband told me it had sounded like there was something wrong with the air ducts behind the walls. I didn’t think that was possible because how could something just all of a sudden happen. Nothing happens behind the walls. We called an HVAC business and told them what we had experienced. He explained that it could have been because the sir ducts were older. They could have been poorly installed and finally collapsed on us. Either way it could be fixed easily. We let home fix our system and it was gone soon. Next Friday, we were not going to get another scary movie. I don’t know if I could go through that again.

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