Bed and breakfast a/c

Opening a B&B may be my calling in life, however now that our kids are grown up and moved out and starting lives of their own, I easily need to be doing something that I savor and enjoy, however that’s also rewarding to me. I just bought this huge old victorian style house on the coast and the only thing that I easily believe I need to do before opening for business is to get the furnace, the central a/c system, and all of the air HVAC duct upgraded… Other than that, I know the only thing that I want to install additionally is a state of the home air purification system. I would easily love for our B&B guests to notice the high air quality in our establishment, and as well, I easily believe like I need to go ahead and have zone control heating and cooling installed so that each room will have its own separate control component thermostat, however that’s consistently been one of our number one things about staying in hotels – being able to split the A/C up or down as much as I want to from our own little a/c system located right in the room! I looked into ductless mini-split systems, however it turns out that those are for bigger areas… And I don’t want to put in window A/C units because they would obstruct the ocean views. I have a call in to the local HVAC contractor and they are supposed to go out to the house next month and call myself and my family with an estimate.

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