Be decent to people in customer service

You know, I have learned the most people are not kind to workers in the customer service industry.

Whether the person in customer service is behind a desk, on the phone, serving tables, or fixing something in your house, nobody likes being courteous nowadays.

My husband works as an HVAC technician in our town, and he tells the most horrendous stories about the people he has to deal with while working in HVAC. Being an HVAC technician requires a lot of customer service skills because you are working directly with people to find a solution to their HVAC problems. My husband trained for years to become a certified HVAC technician, but most people belittle the work that he does. When he comes to their house early in the morning to fix their furnace or air conditioner, they don’t realize how much training and hard work it took for him to learn how to diagnose and fix the problem with their HVAC unit. When he fixed it in 30 minutes, he expects to get paid a substantial amount of money. You aren’t just paying an hourly rate for a non-skilled worker. You are paying an HVAC technician who had to study for nearly a decade to be able to fix your furnace in 30 minutes. Another common problem that he faces is when people are rude to him. When he tells them what he thinks is wrong with their furnace or air conditioner, they immediately get defensive. With all their experience, they should be able to know what is wrong with their HVAC unit and how much it should cost. Thankfully, my husband is a patient.



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