basics to a heat pump

As a supplier owner, I am regularly on the lookout for ways to improve the way in which my supplier conducts business… I have been the owner of the supplier for multiple years now, and the lot of us have come a long way with regard to certain processes and procedures–supplier bottom line-related and otherwise. Somewhat recently, a few of our employees complained that they had gotten sick lately and they believed that their symptoms were due to the Heating plus Air Conditioning device in the buildings in which they worked. Concerned however a bit skeptical at first, I encouraged them to get checked out by their respective medical workers, and thereby get second, respected opinions on the matter… When the results came back, it seemed that the Heating plus Air Conditioning device was in fact to blame. As a result, I made the decision to act upon a somewhat overdue hunch and called our go-to heating and cooling workers to come take a look at our system. Within the first hour or so of them doing so, they confirmed that our geothermal energy heat pump was indeed in need of maintenance. Therefore, getting to work right away, they focused on the elements of the system that dealt primarily with the below ground aspects–the ground heat exchanger (GHE) and the heat pump unit (HPU) to be particular. After a couple of hours of servicing and cleaning them up, the team conducted a couple of trial runs of the system to confirm that all was working well. Apparently things were back up to speed as our employees’ dust sensitivity-related problems seemed to have dissipated within just a matter of days after the system cleanup had taken place.

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