Bars should never have cold spots

I am a little worried about my gas fireplace. It is slowly dying on me. It used to work with a wireless remote. I would just use the remote to turn it off, on and change the temperature of the house. Now, the remote doesn’t work and I have to turn it on manually. The fireplace never really likes when I do this though. I usually need to mess with a few buttons and dials to get any sort of heating. The heater’s new thing is that it does not like to turn off. When I turn it off, it takes forever. The heating system keeps blowing and blowing even while it is off. Then as it is winding down, it makes an odd sound. It kinda sounds like a car failing to start. It whirls on and off while making a weird groaning sound. This does not sound good. I am worried that the gas heating system will just decide that was the last time. I think one day it will refuse to turn on anymore. I would rather have it refuse to turn off than the other way. I could deal with high bills and being a little too hot all Winter long. I can’t deal with no heating during the coldest time of the year. I know I should call a heating business to look at this issue. But, I am thinking they will charge me a bunch of money to look at it. I know what they will say too. The gas heater is too old and should be replaced.

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