I have been lucky enough to babysit for the same family since I was in school.

  • They are a very wealthy family and they pay me very well to just hangout with their youngsters.

When the youngsters were younger it was a lot more labor because they needed constant attention, but now they can basically do everything on their own and only need me for certain things like making supper or supper. They treat me very well and I hope that I can stay with them for various years to come. I mentioned that the family I babysit for is wealthy because they are always getting thing in their cabin remodel. I can’t even count the times I have come over and there are construction workers or people fixing things in the house. This week they are having the entire heating and cooling system detached and update. They are having the HVAC duct taken out of the ceiling, the furnace and air conditioner updated and upgrading all the temperature controls in the house. I could not even imagine how much a Heating and A/C updatement like this would cost, I would be too scared to ask. The Heating and A/C mechanic also told me that the family is paying extra money to have them labor overtime so they can finish up the job faster. He said normally a renovation like this would take months to complete. I hope one afternoon that I will be able to have that kind of money and be able to maintenance up my cabin like the family I babysit for. Here’s hoping!


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