Always keep track of your HVAC plan

When you select an HVAC service plan with your local heating and air conditioner corporation, consistently be sure to study the fine print, and ask for more information on your heating and air conditioner service plan. I made this mistake when I got mine. I did not realise that the HVAC service plan I had selected was not a forever kind of thing. The HVAC service plan did not renew automatically as I thought, so, at the end of the first year, since I did not call the local heating and air conditioner corporation to tell them that I wanted to re-enroll, they canceled my HVAC service plan and I didn’t assume it! When it came time to have some heating and air conditioner tune up labor done, I did it not knowing I was no longer signed up to the HVAC service plan, however you can imagine my surprise when I got a bill for the heating and air conditioner tune up work! I thought there was maybe some kind of error on their end. However, this is when I found out that I no longer had the HVAC service plan, and that it was my responsibility to resign and repay manually! I was entirely angry at first…so angry that I almost decided to look on the internet for a new heating and air conditioner corporation to take care of all of my heating and cooling needs! But after I thought about it, I see it was my fault. I should have asked more questions, and study the contract carefully.

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