Air quality products for my rash problem

I have legitimately sensitive skin, then i buy special unscented soap plus lotion online because I rash out if any scent hits it.

I also use sensodyne toothpaste plus dandruff shampoo.

I assume love at all times any area of my body can flake or bleed; Due to myself and others being so sensitive, I am nuts about air quality, however the indoor air conditions can certainly affect my skin. Too much moisture in the air quality causes mold to form in the house. I always get a headache, runny nose plus assume sick when there is mold. The added moisture also makes my skin split out. To combat the moisture in the summer time I have a dehumidifier. I run the dehumidifier with my cooling system. The more than one machines paired together stop bacteria plus condensation forming in my household. In the Wintertide I have the opposite problem. Too dry of indoor air conditions causes my skin to rash. I have dry hands, lips plus nasal passages. I get bloody noses, chapped lips plus static shock is a real pain. To not have these symptoms, I got a humidifier to pair with my oil furnace device, as the heating method warms the home, the humidifier introduces moisture! You would guess that would be enough, however nope, on top of controlling moisture, I control how scrub my air is. I have an media media air cleaner that I run all year long. It gets rid of odors, dust plus hair floating around. To provide the air quality an extra punch, I do have UV lights installed in my HVAC device.