A working air conditioner

When a person is asked about what they think the best gift to give someone normally the answer is jewelry, gift cards, perfume, clothing, and other items, it is very rare to hear that a working Air Conditioner and Heater system would be the best gift to be given unless you live in the south. A/C in the south is as important as heat is in the winter up north. There is nothing quite like living in 90 degree weather during the summer and have the Air Conditioning and Heating unit cooling the inside of your home at 68 degrees. In order to keep the A/C working properly and smoothly though it needs to be maintained, serviced, and kept up throughout the year. The filter needs to be changed monthly, debris needs to be cleared from around the HVAC unit outside, and a technician needs to scheduled to do a bi-annual check of the Air Conditioner and Heater system. Don’t forget the thermostat needs to have fresh batteries. When anyone asks me what I feel the best gift of all is I always tell them a properly working A/C unit because without it living here in the south can become quite unbearable. I guess someone who lives up north would say the same thing about a properly working Heating system during the winter. I could imagine, during the winter, having temperatures set around 76 degrees inside the home would be a welcome sight after spending time outside up north. So I guess the right answer to the question as to what the best gift of all varies from north to south.

HVAC system