A very small bedroom

We have our first holiday in numerous years  planned plus are so excited. We leave next month plus I am trying to get the home as prepped plus clean as possible so I don’t have as much stress while I am away on this holiday. It is meant to be fantastic – the people I was with and I are going to an island in the Caribbean so the less I have to guess about, the better. I was having breakfast with our friends yesterday plus they asked what I had left to do, what I had already done, just familiar questions regarding the holiday. I told them I was basically all deep cleaned plus packed plus ready to go, just time to play the waiting game. One of our girls asked if I had removed our window device for air conditioner; I had told her no plus asked her why. She told myself and others because of a potential robbery – I was stunned, I couldn’t suppose I didn’t guess about that! Where I am originally from, the people I was with and I have central air so I never thought twice about air conditioner when I left our house, however ever since moving to New England, I haven’t quite adjusted to the whole window device situation. Those units are in so easily, that they can be removed just as easy by a robber. When thinking about your homes safety, this isn’t something you often guess about! I am starting to absolutely miss our central air system all of a abrupt since our wifey asked myself and others that questions plus feeling absolutely upset about our holiday now. Thankfully she brought it up though because otherwise I could have come cabin to a large disaster plus concerned state of a home.

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