A superb system

I live with my brother Danny plus he is a immense pipe smoker. He has all odd types of pipes from areas that he has vacationed in. He also has tons of odd types of tobacco that all smell different. Even the tobacco in the containers smell. His room smells care about a pipe shop. But, what easily stinks is when he smokes the pipe in the house. I can’t get my brother to stop smoking indoors either. Because of this, the whole house smells care about his tobacco. It would be okay if it was just a single smell. He smokes all odd types plus the odors blend together. The indoor air pollen levels is extremely bad plus stinky. I am thinking that my only line of defense will be to get an air cleaner. The air cleaner will remove the tobacco smells from the air quality. I recognize I can get an air cleaner that will install right into the Heating and A/C too. This would be ideal since I recognize the Heating and A/C is the reason the whole house reeks. My brother will smoke in the kitchen plus the air duct in there will spread the odor. The smells waft in the HVAC ducts plus travel to every room in the house. If the air cleaner worked with the Heating and A/C, it would stop the smell before it went into the air duct. An air cleaner is not that costly too. But, I recognize that my brother should have to cough up the change for this air cleaner device. He is the reason that I am looking into air quality equipment.

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