A storm and what we need to do

There is nothing that my house complete quite as much as my HVAC system. Sure the decor keeps it cute, and the major appliances help us to get more done at home, but it is the HVAC system that honestly keeps our house sane and clean and healthy. When I beat my depression a decade ago with the help of my shelter dog, I knew that my mission here was to help more dogs find good homes so they could be heroes too. That’s why I work as a foster parent for pets of all shapes and sizes full time. It’s not always easy and you don’t always win. Some days are heartbreaking, others you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine. But it’s my heating and air conditioning system that makes it all possible. This system allows me to adjust the temperature and humidity of each room in the house individually thanks to the smart thermostat. This device allows the room with the puppies to be a little bit warmer so they are plenty comfy, while the room with the my older dog a little cooler so he doesn’t overheat in my desert home. I have also equipped the entire house with a smart thermostat, which allows me to monitor the household temps while I’m out on an errand or a rescue, so I have peace of mind knowing my foster pets are safe and comfortable. This system also reminds me to change the air filters, so I never forget no matter how crazy life gets around here.

HVAC system