A special time

I have spent the last eight hours, sitting in front of my computer and trying to do some work.  It seems as if I am doing more staring at the monitor than I am writing. It is so hot today, that I just can’t think.  It isn’t hot in my computer room. I have a good air conditioning system that keeps me cool all day long. We have a central air conditioning system that works almost too well at times.  I sometimes feel chilled and I have to turn up the thermostat that is located in my bedroom. I am glad that the thermostat is in the bedroom and my computer room is the only other room connected to that particular thermostat.  If I need to adjust the thermostat, it doesn’t affect anyone but me. My husband doesn’t go into the bedroom or my computer room, unless he is look for me. My computer is facing the only window in the room. The sun is coming in so brightly that I need to check every once in a while to make sure I’m not getting a sunburn.  My mind is also wandering. I can see the leaves falling from the trees, and I thinking that if I go outside, it should be cool, from the way the wind is blowing. Instead, I know that it is going to be miserably hot if I go out there. It is one of those freak days that happen in early fall, in this area. Today it is hot and tomorrow the temperature will be back to around sixty.  

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