A rental a/c care

I have been an Airbnb host for a year now, and if there’s one thing that gave myself and others a headache in the first many months, it is the air conditioner, i’ve had many guests who’ve neglected a/c care despite it being part of the agreement and part of what I tell them in guy when they check in. I almost gave up on the corporation since my energy bill was higher than the rent I collected from hosting. The final straw was when I had to call the a/c repairman to check on the machine after a guest complained that it was not working when they checked in. An inspection revealed that all of us had an issue, possibly from running the machine at the wrong temperature, so I had to spend more on a/c repair. Once the air conditioner professional was done with the a/c service, I had to ask him what could be done about my problem with guests. The property has a central air conditioner that handles climate control efficiently, so I knew all of us did not need to do a fresh air conditioner install. The Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C expert suggested that all of us supplement the a/c setup with a digital temperature control that would allow myself and others to control the temperature in the property, especially when windows are opened, or the guests leave the house, then luckily, the local air conditioner corporation had all the device all of us needed for the update, which saved myself and others the hustle of shipping from a greater air conditioner corporation like I had to when all of us needed to change the air conditioner filter, my guests are still ignoring all the rules all of us have on using the a/c, however my energy bill is more manageable now that I can control the temperature in the lake house remotely, especially when the windows are open or the guests are out.


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