A heating business

I love my husband but he is just not handy when it comes to HVAC equipment. I think my husband wants to be the traditional man’s man that has a toolbelt and fixes thing with a beer in his hand. He is more of a computer and academic guy. He can’t fix a HVAC system to save his life. He likes to take the HVAC completely apart and then has trouble putting it back together. When I hear him work on the HVAC equipment I just cringe inside. He is so rough on the heater and AC plan and he has quite a temper. He throws his tools, yanks parts off and aggressively cleans fragile pieces. Frequently we need to get a HVAC repair after my husband has been working on our device. I have been recently hiding any HVAC issues from my husband. I change the air filter when he is gone and I also clean the inside of the HVAC weekly. The AC gets refrigerant from me and I oil our furnace’s blower. If the HVAC makes a noise I immediately turn it off. If the HVAC won’t turn on, I don’t mention it to my husband. I then wait for him to be gone at work or an appointment somewhere. I then get a HVAC contractor in right away. I senak him in the house and pay him extra for coming right then and there. I don’t want my husband’s feeling to get hurt. But, I can’t stand to see him ruin our HVAC anymore.

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