A few warning signs

My Grandmother’s house always had a truly distinct stink to it. Not a bad stink, just not a fresh air stink. Her house is neat as a pin. She’s meticulous about her housekeeping routine! You’ll never see a pillow or knickknack out of site. If there’s so much as a speck of dirt tracked in on her carpet, she’ll schedule a steam cleaning. Sure, occasionally you can detect a whiff of her arthritis cream in the air when she’s feeling achy. You’ll also option up the scent of her flowery perfume when you stand by her dressing table. That’s the stink of Grandmother as far as I’m upset. The stale stink was throughout the house. It was stronger in the warmer weeks of the year. That made me suppose the air conditioning method might be the source of the issue. I had the air conditioning supplier come out to do a check and, sure enough, the air conditioning filter was the culprit. My Grandmother hadn’t changed the air conditioning filter in years. Staying on top of air conditioning filter changes has to be area of a homeowner’s routine. A wash air filter is one of the most substantial factors in ensuring the health of your air conditioning and you. Those filters catch a superb amount of organic material that would otherwise accumulate in the air conditioning ducts, and that stops mold growth. The last thing I want is for our Grandmother to come down with a respiratory issue because of a dirty air filter. It’s so easy and inexpensive to change those air conditioning filters every six weeks. I’m going to make sure that it gets done on schedule from now on.

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