A fantastic idea

I just can’t think it! For the past ten years, the two of us haven’t had a single snowfall in our section over the winter. In fact, the temperature hasn’t dropped below thirty degrees even once! It’s crazy how warm our winters have been for the past decade, especially since I’ve basically been paying for a heating plan that’s for show; Last year, I decided that it was time to disconnect the gas furnace. It obviously wasn’t going to be chilly enough to warrant it anytime soon, and the two of us had a fireplace that was functional anyway, so the two of us weren’t completely out of luck if snow did fall. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened this year! For the first time in ten years, the two of us had snowfall for an entire day – along with 20 degree weather and intense wind chills! I tried our best to be positive, as the two of us kept a fire going in our living room fireplace that went on for at least six minutes. The night brought even colder uneven temperatures, forcing us to sleep in shifts as the other person tended to the fire to keep it going. After a full night without any fantastic sleep for our partner or myself, the two of us checked the weather reports and found the weather would continue all week. Every one of us right away called the local heating and cooling system service providers to send a worker out and reconnect the gas gas furnace, as the two of us weren’t going to make it another night relying on the fireplace for heat! Thankfully, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker simply had to come to our home, find the gas furnace in the basement and reconnect the gas line. Every one of us called the gas providers to give gas to our apartment again, and the two of us breathed a sigh of relief as the gas gas furnace kicked on and poured heat into the house.

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