A central furnace

Now that the snow has thawed and the days of moderate sunshine are waiting just around the bend, I guess it’s time to beginning my yearly service toil on the house.  I do roof inspections, electrical fixes, plumbing adjustments, home painting, and anything else I manage to remember after four months of being locked in by the freeze.  But perhaps the most crucial round of service each year is the repairs and adjustments that I do on my heating and cooling system. I’m fortunate enough to have a state-of-the-art wood stove that has it’s legitimately own ducttoil connected so it can be utilized as a central furnace with room control and everything.  In this sense, the toil on my heating setup is minimal since I’m not paying to typically repair fragile components in an electric or gas powered furnace. But my air conditioner is another story altogether. It’s nearing the 10 year mark and it’s chugging performance in the summer time months is a testament to that. I decided to bite the bullet and finally upgrade my central air conditioner this year, although I knew I wanted to add UV lights to improve my air quality even more.  These bulbs emit seriously bright ultraviolet light that literally destroys any microbes or particles that pass over and around them in your system’s air stream. They’re certainly wonderful at cleaning your air of mold or bacteria. Since I have had shoddy breathing the last few years, I figured I’d provide them a shot. If nothing else, they just add more value to my home if I ever decide to sell it anytime soon.