Tenants neglecting the HVAC unit

Ever since I can remember my dad has taught me the importance of working for yourself and making your own money.

My dad is a self made man and he has worked hard for every dollar he has ever owned.

I really look up to him as an example of what I should be in every aspect of my life, but I have always wanted to work for myself. So I saved up as much money as I could to buy some property and rent it out. I have had great tenants for years and I haven’t had to deal with anyone too difficult. Well, that has all changed this year when I let two twenty year old girls rent out my house. They completely destroyed my HVAC system. When they moved into the house I showed them how to operate the HVAC system correctly, but I guess either they weren’t paying attention or they didn’t care. I don’t think they changed the air filter once in six months because when I went to the house to check on everything, I noticed that the house felt stuffy. I went to the HVAC closet and noticed that the filter was full of dust and debris. I was shocked that the HVAC unit was in such bad shape and I sat the girls down and told them how much damage was done to the HVAC unit. I really hope that they got the message because I really don’t want to have to replace the HVAC unit when they move out.


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